Rolling? Try These Roulette Tips

You must be asking if there really are good roulette tips to stop you from losing. The answer may be - yes. There are roulette tips that will surely affect the way you are thinking and playing the game. Specifically, these roulette tips focus on not making the common mistakes along with the game. Plus, among the roulette tips is the way you should be betting and what you are betting on. First, here are the mistakes to avoid:

Roulette Tips - What to Avoid: 1. One of the roulette tips we're discussing is avoid playing a certain type of roulette wheel - the American wheel. This type of wheel has an extra slot that goes for the house hence, have a larger house advantage that will increase the amount of money you will lose.

2. Don't think that the previous spins affect the next spin. If the ball has fallen on the red, 10 times, this doesn't mean that what will probably happen next is that it will land on the black - the "sleeping slots." Remember that roulette is purely random. Avoid thinking this way at all costs.

3. Roulette doesn't follow a system of pattern. Simply put, the roulette wheel doesn't have a memory for this or anything like that whatsoever.

4. Also stop betting based on a "plan." Don't bet big if you think, ONLY THINK, that you'll win the next round. This is a very risky habit and only lose you your money.

5. Don't play bad bets. There are sure bad bets in roulette. These are: betting on single numbers, and betting on the seven numbers bet or the five numbers bet (giving the worst odds of winning). Don't bet on these because you'll get a small chance of winning. Though the payout may be big, the odds of winning are just very small.

The Best of the Roulette Tips:

These are the ones of the roulette tips that you should definitely do. 1. Play "even money bets." These bets are the ones closest to their payout or give a 1:1 advantage. These bets are Odd, Even, Low, High, and Red or Black.

2. Play European or single zero "en prison" roulette. The house edge is cut to 1.35% making it the best table to play on. Also, if you're making the even money bet and the ball lands on the zero, you don't lose you're bet. It simply is "imprisoned" and the bet is carried over to the next spin. Only if you win can you change or remove it.

The best of the roulette tips all come down to what you are betting on. That is a sure do.


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