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Roulette is a social game and is slower than other casino games like blackjack. Unlike blackjack where the chip's value is known, the dealer determines the value of a roulette chip. Roulette chips have no distinguishing marks, only distinguishing colors. Roulette tables have their own chips which are very much different from other chips in the casino. Roulette tables have their own chips so that the dealer can differentiate the players at the table. Each player is assigned their own color to set him/her apart from the other players at the table.

The dealer places a "lamer" on top of a stack of chips to indicate the value of the total stack. For example, if a stack of 10 blue chips has $50 printed on it, the total value of the stack is $50 with each chip worth $5.

Once you have your chips and you are ready to play, you can now place your bets. The are two types of bets. These are the inside bets, which lay on the inside area of the roulette table layout, and the outside bets which take place on the outside area of the table.

To play in a real-life roulette game (as opposed to online roulette), wait until the previous session ends and the dealer says, "place your bets!" You then take a number of chips and place them on the table. You can either place your bets on the inside or on the outside. If the table minimum is $10, you can only place $10 bets on the outside, but you can also put 10 $1 bets on the inside. If you bet on the inside, you put your chips on the center and ask the dealer to place the numbers you want on the amount you want. You can also bet on red or back, or on the number being even or odd.

The dealer will then spin the ball, and wait for a moment before saying "no more bets!" You can still place your bets while the ball is spinning and before the dealer says "no more bets!" When the ball comes to a rest, the dealer places a marker on top of the winning inside bet, clears the board and pay off the winners, taking the chips from the losers.

In online roulette, you no longer have to worry about the dealer and other hassles and distractions. You don't have to worry about betting too late, or accidentally under-betting on the inside bets. Online roulette allows you to play the game without compromising your bankroll. You can play roulette for a free for as long as you want until you are ready to play in real mode.

Roulette whether online or real life, is as fun, easy-to-learn game, which makes it very popular. Enjoy!


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