Roulette Through Times

Do you know a man named Blaise Pascal? Yes, he is that famous French mathematician and physicist. But aside from that, did you know that he was the one who invented roulette?

In the 1600's, Blaisce Pascal developed the first form of the game. Two centuries later, two other men altered the game invented by Pascal. They gave the roulette wheel an additional slot, which is the zero. Those men were Louis and Francois Blanc. They did that to increase the edge of the house over the roulette players. Years after, another slot was added, which is the double zero. Obviously, the house now has even more odds than it had at the time Pascal made the game.

Roulette entered Europe and America during the 19th century. The popularity of the game was inevitable because of the excitement attached to it. Since that time, roulette has become one of the most popular, if not the most popular, gambling games of all time. In fact, when people think of casinos or gambling, they picture the roulette wheel on their mind. The wheel has become an indelible icon of the world of casinos.

Did you know that the sum of all the numbers on the wheel is 666? This is why there is a legend about this wheel having a relation with the devil. But, do not worry, it's just a legend and nothing else.

Today, roulette takes on new forms. Aside from going to casinos to play this game, you can now enjoy roulette in your home. Roulette can be played on TV and on the internet as well. Roulette TV shows are scattered all over different channels, and players can actually participate in these games. Online roulette is also becoming popular since it's very easy to log on to the internet. There are many online casinos and online roulette websites to choose from nowadays.

Do not be surprised when someone tells you that roulette is the King of Casino Games. It is indeed royalty because it radiates elegance - a very appropriate symbol for casino hotels. Roulette is classic, it's timeless. It has surpassed many decades and is still being enjoyed up to present. It has been played by your great grandfather and it will be played by your great grandchildren. Generations will come and go, but roulette will not leave. Come to think of it, it does not show any signs of retirement in the near future. Roulette is indeed here to stay.


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