Roulette Basics

Part of our life is the choices we make each day. These choices can either make or break us. The game of roulette has practically the same share of choices especially to its enthusiasts. One would probably say, "I wish I had bet more…" or "If only I had put my wager on even instead." A lot more of these kind of responses are popular to gamblers all over the world.

When asked at how they fared at Roulette, numerous gamblers would provide these responses, especially after a loss. Through the years, the roulette wheel, though considerate to a number of lads, gauging the future and snatching great fortunes from its well worth title-holders.

The game of Roulette can be simple and complicated at the same time. It is a leisurely game that can be played while seated. Equipment consists of a table with a built-in flat wheel and a small plastic ball almost the size as that used in golf. The wheel used in Roulette is no ordinary number wheel; it has 37 slots numbered 0 to 36 for the European wheel while the American wheel has 38 slots numbered 0 to 36 with an addition of the double zero.

Slots in the wheel are small compartments alternately colored black and red corresponding to a single number excluding the two green pockets numbered on opposite sides of the wheel that is designed for the zero (0) and double zero (00). Each number and color on the wheel corresponds to a space on the table. Depending on what wheel the casino uses, the odds of winning can be 1 to 35 using the European wheel or 1 to 36 for the American wheel on a number bet and 1 to 1 odds for color bets.

The table layout of Roulette can be a tricky part of the game. The numbers laid on the inside are arranged in 12 rows of three numbers forming three vertical columns. The 0 and 00 are at the top of the columns. Additional boxes on the layout would be 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12, 1 to 18, 19 to 36, Red, Black, odd and even. Gamblers simply choose and place their various chip bets on any number, combinations or on a color. Players can place their bets before and while the ball is spinning around, but not once it starts its descent toward the numbered pockets.

A game in which the spin of the wheel seems to take forever, Roulette is simply a bet-on-the-right-number kind of game.


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